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Maltagliati with beans | La tarte maison


On Mondays only comfort dishes, so we start the week with something reassuring… like pasta and beans.

Tradition has it that i maltagliati are considered to be of Emilian origin, with a typical rhomboid shape, of variable dimensions and obtained from the pasta left over from the preparation of tagliatelle. In the north of Romagna they are also called “sbrophanes” that is, “nose spray” because by eating them with a spoon, and without an eye on etiquette or simple good manners, it happens that even the nose participates in the party in its own way.

Even if the temperatures don't seem to drop in the house The pie We started preparing this dish again a couple of months ago, when we harvested the first borlotti beans. And the great thing is that, unlike any legume soup, we like to eat pasta and beans warm. The only drawback is that, at least for me, I eat it at the speed of light because I really like it and my greed comes out in one go.

I believe that every house has its own recipe, I'll leave you mine which you can also find in the October issue of Threef on page 73 🙂

Maltagliati and beans

(doses for 4 people)

200 g of dried borlotti beans
1 onion
1 carrot
1 stick of celery
1 sprig of fresh marjoram
2 whole peppercorns
Salt and Pepper To Taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste

For pasta:
100 g of 00 flour
1 egg

Soak the pinto beans overnight. The next day, cover the beans with a generous liter of water, adding the cleaned carrot, onion and celery, peppercorns and marjoram, cooking everything for an hour and a half. Halfway through cooking, add salt and hot water if it is not enough.

On a kitchen cutting board, make a well with the flour, break the egg in the center and start mixing them with the help of a fork. When the flour and egg start to come together, use your hands and knead for about ten minutes. Wrap the dough in cling film and leave to rest for half an hour.
Take the dough and roll out a medium thin sheet. Leave it to dry for half an hour on the cutting board, then roll it up without crushing it too much and with a knife cut irregularly starting from the corners and creating diamond shapes.

When the beans are cooked and starting to break down, remove the carrot, onion and celery. To give the soup greater creaminess, use an immersion blender and blend the beans for a few seconds, just to break some of them up. Add the fresh pasta, cook for a couple of minutes and turn off the heat. Leave the soup to rest for ten minutes before serving, adding plenty of extra virgin olive oil and a crack of pepper.

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